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Instructional Level

Intermediate --- Builds upon the learner's foundational knowledge, familiarity with the literature and/or experience in a content area. Programming at this level includes more depth than at a beginning level program. It could also serve as a refresher course for individuals who have background in a content area and are interested in learning more contemporary applications.

Course Description and Target Audience

This presentation will take a mid-level view of communication in an integrated care setting but also, the concepts can easily translate outside of integrated care. We will discuss the role of culture as well as the role communication plays in teamwork - especially in healthcare. This presentation will educate participants how to use their skills in a non-therapeutic way to create a successful multidisciplinary environment. It will assist in enhancing their professional presentation while working in medical spaces (and others).

The target audience is mental health providers (advanced doctoral level psychology trainees, psychologists in practice, master’s level clinicians, etc). There are no known risks associated with this presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to explain how the culture of behavioral health is different than the the culture in a medical clinic. 
  • Participants will be able to describe appropriate etiquette of medical spaces and how this plays a role in appropriate communication.
  • Participants will be able to list barriers to effective communication.
  • By the end, participants will demonstrate how they would communicate across disciplines in difficult situations.

Presenter Information

Chelsea Gilliam is currently the System Director of Adult Integration at Burrell where she provides oversight of integrated care projects at local health centers and college campuses across the region. She also serves as the Integrated Care Chair of the Missouri Psychological Association and believes integrated care is the future of healthcare. Chelsea began her journey in clinical psychology by obtaining her bachelor’s in psychology at Lyon College in Batesville, Ark. She earned a Masters in Mental Health from Mississippi College in Clinton, Miss. in 2008 and then her PsyD in clinical psychology at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield in 2015. It was at Forest Institute where Chelsea became interested in behavioral health integration and completed her dissertation on the correlation between infertility and shame. She completed internship locally within the National Psychology Training Consortium and completed residency at Burrell Behavioral Health from 2014-2015. Chelsea continued her interest in integration at Jordan Valley Community Health Center where she developed and implemented an integrated pain management program. After searching for more opportunities for program development, Chelsea returned to Burrell in 2018 as part of the fast-growing integration team. Chelsea is currently the System Director of Adult Integration at Burrell where she provides oversight of integrated care projects at local health centers and college campuses across the region. 

Live CE Training Format

CE’s for this live training will be earned through completing the following tasks:

  • Attend the live training In-Person and review all provided documents in their entirety.
  • Fill out the program evaluation form.

Registration Cost

This cost includes materials, and the evaluation form required to obtain the CE’s. The CE certificate will be emailed to participants once it has been verified that you attended the training in full and completed the evaluation.